Want the Digiti Experience?... Hop on Board!

Even when we're not actively adding to our team, we're a growing company, so we're watching the web for good people.

What's it like to work here?

  • Deadlines are important, but excellence? Vital! You have the time to do jobs RIGHT.

  • Casual office, old 60's fridge fully loaded.

  • The whole team attends a great conference each year.

  • Variety! Big biz, small startups, websites, apps, branding, the whole enchilada.

  • Perks such as birthday parties at GOOD restaurants.

  • Non-client time set aside to learn and experiment.

  • We're a team—speak your mind freely.

  • Above all, feel valued.

Are You Right for Digiti?

Don't have a lot of experience or formal education? Don't let that stop you. The web changes so quickly and so often that some of the most well-known people in the industry are self-taught.

What counts is this:

  • Talent in your field

  • Super skills

  • A solid grasp of what the web's all about (web standards, usability, accessibility, user-centered approach, community)

  • A Digiti personality (An easy laugher, a great collaborator, a self-starting perfectionist, a love for what you do)

  • The ability to work full-time in Belgium


Online project manager, Designer, Developer (PHP & Ruby on Rails),... if you've got what it takes to add some magic to Digiti, please send your CV.