Logo & Branding

"Brand" and "Logo" Aren't the Same... But They Both Make an Indelible Mark

We understand that "brand" is who you are and who you are perceived to be. It's what comes to people's minds when they think of your company, their senses and emotions as they interact with you, and even what they think of themselves because they use your products or services.

We want to breathe life into your brand: visually, functionally, and beautifully.

Fully being the brand you are—or hope to be—is your job, from how you deliver customer service to the quality of work you do.

Our job?

Convey your identity through "branding elements." Whether it's a small but powerful logo, a website that knocks their socks off, or a glitch-free web app, it all says that you know precisely what you're doing.

Remember, too, that we do entire identity systems: business cards, letterhead, signage for trade show booths, slick and shiny company brochures. Just ask!

Logos, it's true, are often the starting place in our branding work. Illustrative skills, imagination, and business sense—brilliant logos need all three, and we've got 'em. We'll create a logo that forms the permanent tattoo you'd love implanted in every customer's brain.

But why stop there?

We can move beyond the logo, and bring your customers along for the ride. We'll thread your brand through everything we do, sending the message—consistently and clearly—that you are the very best.

Some examples: