Motion & Special Effects

We Don't Do Special Effects... We Do WOW Effects

Hold onto your hat. We don't just make things spin or look pretty. We make things that blast through people's expectations, and leave them standing there, eyes wide open, saying, "Whoa!"

Only a few agencies around the world really get how to put the active into Interactive. They've got software and equipment and haven't begun to realize their potential.

We know how to play with our toys. We know how to take your company projects and make them move and come alive.

We also have the restraint and wisdom that makes a project professional; that only uses effects where they make sense and when they make things better.

We can't really offer you a list. A list would be too confining. A list wouldn't tell you about the joy and challenge of creating what hasn't been seen before. A list couldn't capture the ideas that are perfect for your company and no one else's. A list couldn't begin to show you the power of what you can have.

So, this isn't a list. It's just a peek, a small snapshot of our skills:

  • Flash Animation and Movies

  • After Effects and Video Editing

  • Touchscreen Applications

  • Augmented Reality

  • JQuery (and other JS library) Functions

  • Tasteful Advertising

  • Database-Driven Interactive Data Visualization

  • 3D: From Architectural Models to Full Marketing Campaigns

We know this: The instant your project is done, you'll be in a state of pure delight, wanting to share it with the whole world.

And, even better, they'll WANT to see it.

Some examples: