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Email Marketing

Often, no matter how cool your project or company, customers need to hear from you to feel a personal tie to your brand. We'll help you zip that personal touch right to their mailbox.

"Click" and "open" are beautiful sounds in an email marketing campaign. We create an irresistible message that looks great in every email client, designed so people are eager to see what's inside as soon as they see your name. List size? Small or enormous. We can even create custom templates to send updates on your own in the future. If you'd like, we'll set you up with easily used, non-techy tools made for busy companies like yours. Since we design and code them, our templates flex to meet your needs. The software tracks results, reporting back who opens the email, who responds to links inside... and more. Hear lots of lovely clicks!


Each time a customer finds even the tiniest obstacle in their path to purchasing, oops, goodbye customer! They're left wandering around out there on the web, holding unspent fistfuls of money... money that should be in your pocket. At Digiti, we make their journey smooth.

We also make the back end of the shopping platform work Every Single Time. You'll get a system that's sleek, custom-made, and scalable, too: with as many products as you want to sell and with only the shopping features you need. Want the payment process integrated with your banking account? Credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers: with us, it's easy and we're always looking for ways to make it even easier.

Let's get your wonderful products and services to your customers and let's get that money where it belongs: in your wallet.

Illustrations & Infographics

Is a picture worth a thousand words? If it's the right picture, it can be worth a lot more than that. On the web, words—even very important ones—can be ignored as visitors rush through to get to their destination. They may even rush from your site to someone else's, if the other one is easier to understand. On sites, in apps, in presentations to clients, stunning illustrations by Digiti can stop people in their tracks. Take a tour around the Digiti site or through our portfolio and you'll get just a small idea of the power of the picture.

Our infographics really put those illustrations to work, distilling your mass of data down to something simplified and orderly, with info easily grasped by the busiest readers. They'll be absorbed by the gorgeous presentation and thought-provoking overview of even the most complex statistics. Ask us to add video or motion and you'll deliver details that a static image never could.


Most of our work is digital from beginning to end. But if you need print work, pick us. With our logo and branding skills and amazing illustrations, we'll help the power of your message spill out into the offline world. Clients can experience your company onscreen, but if they can hold something in their hands that has "you" written all over it, the experience can be even more memorable.

We're not in the t-shirt business, but if you want your digital project to expand into posters, letterpress work, business cards, baseball hats, tent cards, advertising at trade show booths, and yes, even t-shirts, we'll create something your clients will want to get their hands on.