Motion & Special Effects

We Don't Do Special Effects... We Do WOW Effects

ATD Poster

The ATD Department of Janssen Pharmaceutica asked us to visualize everything they do. We came up with this poster to illustrate all the department's services at a single glance - such as cleaning, ironing, refilling vending machines, roadworks,...


This video was made in AfterEffects to present the Mag App, an online magazine application. It shows you how you can easily manage and create your own magazine using simple templates and share it with your coworkers.

Creative Dot

"Imagination is more important than knowledge". This couldn't be more true. This video officially announced the "unlocking" of the Creative Lab.

Creative Lab 3D Model

Creative Lab 3D Model - screenshot

Creative Lab is a new space within Johnson & Johnson. By means of a 3D visualization and journey through the space this video gives you an idea of how the Creative Lab is going to look like.


This video was created to announce the upcoming SharePoint trainings powered by eGlobe 2.0.


This video was made for the release of the Pigeon application, an in-company e-mailing app. Within the company network, coworkers can compose and send e-mails. This video demonstrates what Pigeon is and what it can do.

Creative Lab

By playing with some keywords that are used in the Creative Lab this video gives you a sneak peek into the atmosphere of the new J&J space.


This video was made to officially announce the release of Popcorn, an in-company video-sharing web application that allows users to upload, share and view videos. This video contains all key features in a nutshell.