New Year, new marketing trends!

Michèle Blockhuys
Michèle Blockhuys
Growth Marketer

2021 has been a dynamic year that’s churned out lots of big changes to the marketing landscape. It’s certainly been anything but boring and we’re expecting great things from 2022. Are you ready for an exciting new wave of digital trends?

To keep you on your toes, we’ve gathered 20 marketing trends for 2022 in a complimentary eBook. A power package especially for you to stay on top of your marketing game!

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All about humans

20 trends to tip the marketing scales

In this eBook, we’ll cover the technology you’ll be able to use to elevate your brand, while also paying special attention to the trends affecting consumer behavior.

Personalization & the human connection

In a world that’s increasingly digitized and characterized by technological advances, the human factor remains a core component that should always be at the heart of your brand communication. In the first section of the eBook we’ll discuss the importance of KYC or Know Your Customer. We’ll explore the demand for hyper-personalization and the gains of humanizing your brand.

Interaction & engagement

In the wake of the pandemic, virtual channels and hybrid virtual/in-person experiences have had a large impact on how brands engage and interact with their prospective clients. Learn more about customer participation and how you can boost engagement through a strong focus on User-Generated Content (UGC), online communities and influencer marketing.

Content marketing

It’s no big secret that content marketing is a highly effective way to captivate your audience and instil trust in your brand. Content marketing has been used since time immemorial to deliver helpful and valuable content to your prospects. But the content formats are evolving: video - especially live video - is becoming more popular, audio is on the rise and there’s a strong demand for unpolished, snackable content that can be consumed on the fly.


Ethical marketing is not a side dish. It’s a sauce which should accompany your entire menu, ensuring you get the flavor just right so none of your messages leave a sour taste in the mouth. Your prospects are looking to buy from brands that are inclusive and that invest in environmentally sustainable practices. Additionally, they’re expecting your brand to protect their privacy with a transparent data policy.

The digital revolution

From social commerce and a creative search experience to gamification and immersive technologies, technological innovation continues to take the marketing world by storm. Know the difference between marketing automation and AI, learn about chatbots and find out what’s all the fuss with quantum computing and the Metaverse.


To ensure you come up with a savvy strategy that hits the mark, it’s important to be mindful of a diversifying audience and changing consumer behavior. The Millennials are all grown up and Gen Z’ers are encroaching the market. Discover the importance of optimizing the buyer experience through an omnichannel strategy where offline and online strengthen each other. We’ll also discuss the impending death of the cookie and what you can do to stay on top of your game.

Ride the waves of change

2021 brought on a whirlwind of change. Marketers were blown every which way by a flurry of new social algorithms, cookie death threats and the onslaught of a new virtual reality. The uncertainty of a pandemic-ridden world combined with rapid technological revolutions make for exciting times. With our eBook, you’ll be best prepared to optimize your marketing strategy and ride the waves of change.

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