A clean, new design and a user experience that delights

Building on our experience in digital banking, we took it up a notch with Belfius. Nearly 1 out of every 3 Belgians uses Belfius’ financial services on a daily basis. They are an important bank with a special focus on social and corporate banking. Together with Belfius, we developed a mobile user experience that delights.

The approach

Practical user flows that delight

Belfius has always had a strong focus on digitalization, having already won awards for their mobile apps. The aim is clear: to be the best. But this is not possible without a user-friendly flow so it was up to us to align Belfius’ ideas with the needs of the user.

From ideas to wireflow to prototypes and finally design, our UX experts were in close collaboration with Belfius every step of the way in order to provide the most efficient user experience: Belfius supplied ideas from their business perspective and we applied UX best practices. A lot of effort was put into developing clickable prototypes which were then thoroughly tested in usability labs. Several iteration cycles allowed us to optimize the user experience.

The challenge

The Bible for every Belfius designer

It was very important to closely adhere to Belfius’ house style. Through the use of a style guide, we managed to infuse all platforms with a consistent style so that the different functionalities are recognizable to the user, regardless of the device they use for mobile banking. New elements are added right away so that everyone has access to up-to-date information.

The result

A fresh customer-centric design

In addition to the retail and customer banking app, which is targeted at individuals, we also worked on the public and corporate banking app. These are used by all Belgian towns and cities. We focused not only on optimizing the user experience but also the design.

The old BelfiusWeb domain contained several existing flows which in 20-25 years’ time had never been touched by a UX designer. The result is a myriad of unclear tables with too much info and illogical flows. We optimized the flows and adjusted them to the new style so that they too were consistent with the Belfius branding and style guide.

We are proud to have played our part in optimizing Belfius’ user experience to create a product that is both attractive and user-friendly.

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