A sparkling new digital platform for commercial cleaning supplier Dumortier

With a staggering 150 years’ worth of experience, Dumortier has become a leading commercial cleaning supplier. The dawn of the digital era has brought about a new range of opportunities to transform and sustainably grow their business. This is where Digiti comes into play. Together, we performed an in-depth analysis of the company’s inner workings and explored how we might optimize their business processes and achieve their goals. We focused on seamlessly integrating e-commerce with the back-end systems, all while keeping the customer experience front and center.

Introducing Dumortier:

From one-man-show to renowned cleaning supplier

Dumortier’s story started back in the 19th century when Mr. Clément-Dumortier founded a soap factory in Antwerp. Over the span of 150 years, the family business has grown from humble beginnings to an esteemed company and trusted partner, working with businesses as well as governments. Today, they are known for their expertise and outstanding customer service.

Time for a spring cleaning

The Dumortier team knows how to run a successful business. However, they were burdened with a great deal of unnecessary manual duties and they didn’t yet have the digital presence they’re aiming for. Our Digitists put on their digital cleaning gloves and held a series of workshops to buckle down on the company’s current pain points and their vision for the future.

After carefully considering all the gathered input, our strategists went to work. The outcome? A digital transformation strategy designed to optimize Dumortier’s workflow, expand their business and enhance the customer experience even further.

The goal

  • Increased brand awareness through a smart rebranding & communication strategy
  • Sustainable business growth 
  • Automation of internal & external processes to relieve the workload and optimize the user experience
The new digital platform built by Digiti is the bedrock for our business transformation. It’s important to us to optimize our internal processes without losing sight of our core values and the personal touch we’re known for. We’re very much invested in our clients and their needs will always be our highest priority.

- Corinne from Dumortier.

The brand archetype

Whenever we get to work on a rebranding, we first revisit the core values and identity of the brand. Scrub down to the surface, so to speak. To this end, we love to use brand archetypes because they interweave all elements into a layered but distinct brand personality. 

Brand archetypes are timeless characters which reappear in stories all over the world, regardless of culture or ethnicity. As such, it’s much easier for prospective customers to relate to a brand if they showcase traits or values that are familiar to them.

Every member of the Dumortier team took the brand archetype quiz. When we combined the results, it became apparent that Dumortier resonates most with the Caregiver, and to a lesser degree with the Sage. As a Caregiver brand, Dumortier displays nurturing qualities and serves to protect and help their customers. The Sage refers to their vast expertise and willingness to support their prospects with tips and advice.

The rebranding

Heritage infused with a modern touch

We wanted to brighten up Dumortier’s branding with the sparkle of the modern age, while honoring their 150 year heritage. Inspired by Dumortier’s legacy, our designers turned the new logo into a statement piece.

Dumortier’s signature green color serves to harmoniously lace together the past and the future. Green stands for growth, prosperity, loyalty, reliability and being in tune with nature. We’ve also added in a couple of softer, earthy colors which represent Dumortier’s customer-centric values.

The result is a crisp, clean look which remains true to the brand’s core identity and infuses it with the warmth typically associated with a Caregiver brand like Dumortier.

A throne clad in soap bubbles for Dumortier’s clients

At Dumortier, the client is king! To make the shopping and ordering experience as smooth as possible, we set out to recreate the user-friendly flows you find on large B2C websites. 

We’ve made sure the new digital platform is easy to navigate. Visitors can use the handy search function or browse a series of collections tailored to a specific space or industry. 

Using a PIM system, we centralized and documented Dumortier’s vast product inventory. The information is continuously updated and readily accessible on the website. Website visitors can consult detailed information, labels, dosage and instruction manuals or even download technical product specifications.

Gradually more features will become available to ensure a pleasant and secure shopping and after sales experience for both B2B and B2G customers. Product prices will be displayed according to their contract. Customers will be able to manage their payment and delivery preferences, consult their order history and repeat purchases at the click of a button.

By bringing their offline business online, Dumortier has not only optimized their processes, but also enhanced the customer experience.

The focus on sustainability

In order to craft a successful brand narrative, there needs to be a match between Dumortier’s offering and values and their clients’ needs. The website therefore spotlights another point of interest: products that are environmentally friendly or manufactured by local companies. These products are easily recognizable with labels and they’re also listed in a separate collection.

An e-commerce platform fully integrated with the back-end 

We chose to work with Shopware because it is flexible and provides a user-friendly customer experience. It also allows for easy management of the platform, content distribution among multiple channels and the set-up of a centralized PIM.

But for this project, e-commerce was not intended to be a stand-alone feature. It needed to be fully integrated with all the back-end systems. This way, Dumortier’s internal workflow can be automated and digitized, relieving much of the workload and freeing up time for other tasks.

We integrated all moving parts, optimized their ERP and linked it up with their picking system and warehouse management. When all these elements work together like the cogs and gears in a well-oiled machine, it becomes much easier and quicker to smooth out any kinks in the flow and provide a better customer experience.

Soap bubbles for days… or centuries?

By bringing their offline business online, Dumortier has not only optimized their processes, but also enhanced the customer experience. And this is just the first step of a long-term partnership where we’ll continue to guide Dumortier on their digital journey.

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