Revolutionizing digital banking with one of Belgium’s largest players

Together with KBC, we broadened the scope and transformed digital banking when it was still in its infancy. KBC is one of the largest Belgian banks, active in six markets with a client base of 12 million. We helped bring to life former CEO Daniel Falque’s vision with a strong digital strategy and smart, fully responsive design.

The briefing

Redesigning a redesign

KBC has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to mobile banking. When they first came to our offices a few years ago, they had already created the first version of their mobile banking app. However, users found the design confusing and developers struggled to expand the app.

That’s why KBC decided it was time for a new mobile app. They created the first wireframes themselves, after which we were enlisted to build on their foundation and further develop the app. After having thoroughly analyzed the user flow; our UX experts designed, tested and retested prototypes to achieve the best user experience.

Users can now easily access their bank affairs and view their transactions in a clear graphical overview, all through a very intuitive interface.

Behind the scenes

Building blocks for developers

To safeguard the future of the app, we created several design components and an elaborate style guide for KBC’s developers, so that they can easily add new functions in the future without having to go through us first.

The results

The future is today

The transparency and user-friendliness of the app inspired a whole new target audience to take the leap to mobile banking!

To showcase the opportunities that come with valuable data, we also threw in a unique budget meter, allowing KBC users to understand at a glance what they are spending their money on. The app was thus able to provide added value in a very smart way for both users and administrators.

We take great pride in having worked on this project. There were some far-reaching results with KBC winning awards and being ranked as one of the top digital banks, not just in Belgium but also at European level. Up to this day, KBC’s mobile banking app still largely reflects the foundation we helped design.

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