The challenge of not being the retailer: from customer engagement to customer loyalty

From zero to one million relevant website visitors in 12 months’ time… yes we can! And we did for our client Varo. How did we hit this spectacular milestone? And what’s the story behind this figure? Let’s find out!

Introducing Varo

Worldwide distribution of DIY tools

Varo is a worldwide distributor of do-it-yourself material. You may recognize Varo’s power tools, garden tools, hand tools and accessories under the name Powerplus and Kreator when visiting one of the many DIY stores all over Europe. Where does Digiti fit into Varo’s story? Keep on reading!

The challenge of not being the retailer

As a distributor, you’re not in charge of the actual sale of the products you're distributing. That’s the responsibility of the retailers, in Varo’s case, the DIY stores they work with. This means that Varo’s revenue partly depends on the success of their retailers. So what if Varo wants to double its revenue? Expand internationally? Reach and engage end consumers?

The challenge

How can you increase sales when you’re not selling the product yourself?

We could say that not being the retailer is a challenge. Together with Varo we turned this challenge into an opportunity.

A digital strategy for Dual Power

Varo decided to focus on Powerplus, their most recognized brand, and more specifically on Dual Power: a collection of DIY tools that are battery powered. With a core team of experts from both Varo and Digiti we mapped out a digital strategy to boost sales of the Dual Power products.

So who is buying these tools and how can we stimulate them to buy more?

Reaching the handyman, builder and passionate DIY’er

Dual Power products are right up the alley of handymen, passionate DIY’ers, renovators and builders. They’re loyal customers of the DIY store on the corner, always on the lookout for new tools or accessories to work on their latest project.

To reach this target audience, without offering the possibility of buying a product, we came up with a crafty strategy to boost brand awareness and increase customer engagement in order to gain customer loyalty.

Full power on customer engagement

Varo may not be in charge of the marketing and sales efforts of the DIY stores, but they can take full control of their brand positioning and increase customer loyalty. One of the cornerstones of Varo’s digital strategy is to engage their customers after the purchase of a Dual Power product in a store.

From customer engagement to customer loyalty

The idea is to lead customers to a landing page where they can register the Dual Power product they bought in the store in return for an incentive. Think of a cashback for their next purchase, a free Dual Power battery or an additional Dual Power product.

The goal

The actual goal of this customer engagement program is to obtain the customer’s data.

Gathering this customer data is another cornerstone of Varo’s digital strategy. From here on out, we can attract the handymen and DIY’ers to the website of Powerplus where we provide them with DIY tips and tricks:

  • How to make a wooden frame for your dartboard?
  • June: the perfect month to prune your hedge
  • DIY: make your own concrete

The ultimate goal is to turn the occasional customer into a loyal customer. To achieve this, we’ve created lots of content in various content types. Always keeping the customer’s needs and profile in mind.

We’ve not only created, but also distributed all this content through several digital marketing campaigns including a thorough keyword listing, Google search ads, display ads, social media advertising, retargeting, marketing automation and email marketing. Besides paid content we’ve set up a content calendar to feed the social media channels of Powerplus organically.

On a daily basis we published content on both Instagram and Facebook, and we invested in an elaborate Pinterest wall. All this content leads our handymen and DIY’ers to the website and landing pages of Powerplus, designed and created by Digiti.

From stranger to ambassador

Of course we’re not only targeting customers who already bought a Dual Power product. Our DIY content also attracts handymen who are not yet a Dual Power customer, but may be looking for tips & tricks. Our goal is to guide them in their journey from stranger to customer and finally ambassador.

Thanks to the valuable content we share and the digital marketing efforts we deliver, we stay connected with our handymen in every step of the journey.

The purpose of content marketing? Lead our customer through a journey, from attraction to nurturing.

+600% customer data in Varo’s CRM

In 12 months’ time we’ve hit the milestone of 1 million relevant website visitors and obtained a sixfold increase of the customer data in Varo’s CRM. Thanks to the success of Dual Power, Varo relied on us to broaden the scope and apply the digital strategy for various other collections and products of Powerplus.

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