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At Digiti, we care! Red Nose Day is a well-known Flemish non-profit project organized by DPG Media, the most important media company in Belgium and the Netherlands. For the fourth edition, they needed a new online platform that would provide a dynamic digital user experience and optimize their internal processes.

About Red Nose Day

The Flemish version of Red Nose Day focuses on raising money and generating awareness about mental health issues in young people. This initiative has been wildly successful in Flanders, raising about €3.8 million during the first edition and more than €4 million in subsequent editions.

Red Nose Day is backed by HLN, Qmusic and VTM - all owned by DPG Media - as well as Belfius, one of the most important banks in Belgium. DPG Media is a large media group, active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. They own 80 media brands in publishing, radio, television & streaming with a daily reach of approximately 15 million users.

A nose for digital

Red Nose Day already benefited from a strong media presence and was generating a lot of buzz. Their online platform, however, could do with something more than simply a fresh, new design. In addition to our technical expertise in design & development, we offered our strategic know-how to redesign the entire digital flow from the inside out.

Although we were tight on time, we managed to successfully pull off an intense Discovery trajectory of eight workshops in ten days’ time. Each workshop focused on a particular theme, such as the website, the online marketing strategy or internal dashboarding. During these workshops, we requested feedback from internal & external stakeholders to discover their needs and define some key values.

DPG Media expressed the need for a customer-centric digital experience that would allow visitors and potential donors to easily navigate through the website and register campaigns or use the webshop. Additionally, it was of the utmost importance to create a dashboard that would improve operational processes and data reporting. With the right numerical data at their fingertips, it would be that much easier to draw conclusions and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Our approach

We came up with a long term solution. Rather than having to design a new website every year, we adopted a modular approach which would allow us to progressively expand the online platform for upcoming editions. We presented our strategic plan, complete with an actual architectural blueprint to outline:

  • The new website
  • The various user flows
  • All the back-end integrations

Valuable data insights and an automated workflow

Our developers built an intelligent online platform. This comprehensive dashboard served to collect valuable data insights as well as provide our client with a clear financial and logistical overview of the entire operation.

The information was displayed in a transparent way so that it was easy to pinpoint the answer for questions like:

  • How many campaigns had they carried out in total and per region?
  • How many products had they sold through the website?
  • How many donations had been transferred by campaigners and how many of the purchased goods did they sell?

The dashboard needed to reflect all that, along with many other figures.

On the admin side, we automated a great deal of processes in order to free up time and unburden our client. Every order and transaction was automatically registered and monitored in an accounting module. It was also vital to create an automatic flow between the webshop and a fulfilment partner, who took care of stock management, order picking and preparing orders for delivery.

A customer-centric digital experience

To enhance the digital visitor experience, our designers studied the user flows:

  • How do visitors navigate through the website?
  • How can we optimize the website for conversions?

We were inspired by booking.com’s example to rework the user flow for registering a campaign. We enabled visitors to register a campaign before we asked them to create an account, just like on the booking.com platform, where you book your trip first. By not asking visitors for their personal data right away, they would be more likely to stay engaged.

We also took a closer look at the money transfer process. Campaigners would initially pay a small part of the total value of the products they purchase, not unlike a deposit. We created a widget that would deduct this deposit at a later stage when they had sold all their goods and were ready to transfer the outstanding balance. Previously, they would have had to do the calculation themselves.

We optimized many user flows like the examples above to provide an optimal digital experience that was both user-friendly and effective in driving conversions.

A website that goes above and beyond

Red Nose Day needed a website and we gave them one they would be able to re-use and expand for upcoming editions. Our smart online platform smoothed out any kinks and optimized the user experience as well as the operational processes on the back end. Finally, our comprehensive online platform also offered a transparent overview of relevant information, providing our client with valuable data insights.

The best part? Our website made it into FeWEB’s top 3 websites of the year!

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