Aim for the stars with growth marketing

After a digital strategy has put into motion the design process, content creation and technical set-up; it is now time to aim for the stars.

Growth marketing is the ultimate solution to boost conversions and obtain those epic results you are looking for.

The art of data analysis to optimize your digital performance

You may have come up with an ingenious strategy, a compelling brand story, striking designs and intuitive applications. But at the end of the day, we need to align our marketing efforts to achieve tangible targets and business goals.

Data captation and analysis is a must to tap into your audience’s needs and behavior, turn prospects into leads and optimize your performance.

  • Are you unsure which tools will help you obtain relevant data to support your marketing and sales teams?
  • Have you not been able to gain the insights you need about your target audience?
  • Require a more target-oriented, data driven approach to warm up your prospects?

Time to shine with our growth strategy

What does a growth cycle look like?

Step 1

Define the game plan

Together with you, our growth marketers define a game plan with clear marketing KPIs in line with the business goals. We also identify the target audience and manage the marketing budget.

Step 2

Determine the concepts

Being technologically independent gives our team total freedom to go with the right tools to increase conversion rates and capture & analyze data. We also determine our offering of deliverables.

Step 3

Create the set-up

We set up a customer-centric funnel that reaches the prospects at each touchpoint and systematically warms them up until we obtain qualified leads ready for conversion.


Run the set-up during a month long cycle

During the growth cycle we monitor our progress. After one month when the cycle ends, we can draw conclusions and re-assess.


Analyze the outcomes and make data-driven decisions

We share the outcomes with you in a presentation. Consequently, we use the lessons learned to make smart data-driven decisions for the following growth cycles.

Digiti as your full service partner

What happens after?

After every growth cycle, we learn more about what works and what does not. In order to improve the process, we do consistent testing and experimentation e.g. A/B testing, user testing and statements to gain product and customer insights.

What we can do for you:

Inbound marketing
Content marketing
Marketing automation tools
Performance marketing
Tracking & analysis
Data captation & analysis
Social media advertising
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We're with you every step of the way

Let Digiti be your full service partner and digital guide on this transformative journey.

We also bring to the table a uniquely qualified team of strategists, content creators, developers and UX/UI designers. Together, we bring the strategy to life and analyze the results in growth cycles to create real impact. As a full service agency, we work the whole spectrum, but we’re on your wavelength.